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Sony PS4 coupon discount

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Click to see all discount and deals for Sony PS4 standard edition or bundle (6 available)
Click to see all discount and deals for Sony PS4 standard edition or bundle (6 available)

Sony PS4 coupon discount, Sony PS4 promo code 2013 at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Costco

Main Features: Single-Chip custom low power x86-64 AMD 8 core Processor | 5inch display | 8GB of GDDR5 RAM | 500 GB HDD | BD x 6 CAV DVD x 8 CAV | 2 USB (3.0) Super Speed | AUX port x1 | HDMI Port, Digital Optical port | Bluetooth v 2.1 EDR | 1 Ethernet Port, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n.

Processor & other Configuration

Sony PS4 is built with 8 core x86 based AMD processor. The 5 inch display makes it better for gaming. The display is a capacitive touch that makes gaming experience interactive.It’s having 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM and 32 MB of eSRAM embedded memory preferably being used as cache. It is attached with Blu-ray DVDdrive.


The PS4 offers Bluetooth v 2.1, 1 Ethernet Port and 2 USB ports to connect with the external world. Now you can have a chat with your friends, watch the gameplay videos, play the games online and have a wonderful time.

Pros of PS4:

  1. Powerfull Configuration
  2. Superb Connectivity
  3. Marvelous gaming experience
  4. Share the gameplay videos instantly
  5. Beautiful Display

Cons of PS4:

Certainly costly but worth paying

Sony PS4 deals and sales June 2016

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Sony PS4 deals and sales June 2016

Sony PS4 is built with PS Vita system which makes the gaming experience awesome. The Wi-Fi connectivity ensures the games played with friends on local area network. The huge 5-inch display makes you fall in love with it. The SHARE button helps to share the gameplay videos, pictures within fraction of seconds. Sometimes, you can find a many great Sony PS4 coupon or Sony PS4 promo codes. It can edit the videos as required & can upload them to Facebook instantly. Sony PlayStation can also share disc-based games, so what you can do is simply hand over a game to the friend and they can enjoy it for a long time. The high speed RAM & latest 8 core AMD processor ensures all the latest games can be played on it. No device can beat it when it comes to connectivity. Youth who want a modern gaming experience along with mind blowing connectivity should prefer buying it. After all, whatever you spend will be of great worth.

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